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Benefits of selling on EzanShop can help sellers (producers, manufacturers, suppliers, etc.) to find new buyers, expand their market, and boost their sales in the UK. This website allows sellers to sell their products directly to worldwide buyers. Sellers can also allow us to promote their products here in the UK, as well as in Africa. Indeed, we advertise sellers’ products in local newspapers and other media outlets, such as shopping guides and magazines, to help sellers increase their sales. But to do this, the sellers must display their products online and must allow us to promote them. Our primary target is UK buyers.



How it works


First, the seller has to display his product line online. He can display unlimited products on our website without paying anything! Once a product is purchased, the seller directly receives an email, with the payment following the same day or the next business day. Once the seller receives the payment, he has to make the delivery directly to the buyer.



Why you should consider selling your products on


The first reason is that our customers would love your product line. The second reason is that there is a huge market opportunity for your products here in the UK. Indeed, according to recent reports, online sales in Europe will double from $165 billion to $330 billion by 2019, with the UK surpassing other European countries with regard to its eagerness to purchase goods online. You can benefit from this fast-growing consumer market. You can broaden your customer base by displaying your products on



Our fees are simple: “No sale, no feeguarantee


You can display unlimited items on our website without paying anything! However, you will have to pay for each product sold on That’s 3% of your sale price.



Here’s what you need to become a seller on


To meet the basic requirements, you must have a shop website and a PayPal business account, as PayPal helps to protect us. We also accept the seller’s AliExpress/Alibaba online shopping website or another major ecommerce platform.


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