Ways to add products - Only approved sellers can add a simple product OR a configurable product:

I- ADD A SIMPLE PRODUCT (If you want to add a product WITHOUTattributes like size and color,…)

To add a simple product, you must log in first, and then click on “NEW PRODUCT” from your 'Marketplace Panel'. See below:

 add a product
 After that, you have to enter whole information about the product. Please fill out the form below  and save it. See below:
 add simple product


II- ADD A CONFIGURABLE PRODUCT (If you want to add a product WITH attributes like size and color,...)

To add a configurable product (a product with different sizes, colors,...), there are 2 steps to follow:


 1- You must select “NEW PRODUCT” from your 'Marketplace Panel'. See below:
 add simple product


2- Then, select the attribute. For example, if the product has different sizes and colors, select both. Se below:

 add simple product


To edit a product, first click on “MY PRODUCT LIST” from your 'Marketplace Panel'. After editing it,
SAVE it. See below:



How to see the order of a buyer

How it works

First, the seller has to display his product line online. He can display unlimited products on our website without paying anything! Once a product is purchased, the seller directly receives an email, with the payment following the same day or the next business day. Once the seller receives the payment, he has to make the delivery directly to the buyer. To see the order of the buyer, you need to sign into your account. And then click on “My Order History”tab.


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